FB Gewinnspiel Regeln

Rules & Conditions of Participation


(1) These conditions of participation regulate the conditions for participation in the competition and any necessary transfers of rights. The description and the course of the respective competition are part of the respective competition campaign on the Facebook page of 3dplady.

(2) The competition is organized by 3Dplady, Thiestrasse 20, 48432 Rheine.

(3) With participation in the respective competition, these conditions of participation are accepted.

(4) The competition is not connected to Facebook, it is not sponsored, supported or organized by Facebook.


(1) Anyone who has reached the age of 18 is eligible to participate in the competition. Excluded are employees of 3DPlady and affiliated companies as well as relatives of such employees and their relatives. Participation with false identities or with identities from third parties is not permitted.

(2) Eligible participants can participate in the competition by posting a photo of a self-printed „Groot“ below the competition post.

(3) Participation is possible within the time frame shown above.


(1) The photo with the most likes wins.

(2) The winners will be announced on the 3Dplady Facebook page within 3 days of the closing date.

(3) Only one win is possible per participant.

(4) The prize can be exchanged for a shopping voucher in the 3Dplady shop.

(5) If circumstances arise for which we are not responsible, the respective winner accepts a reasonable replacement prize. Such circumstances, which are not attributable, are in particular those that lie with the sponsors of the prizes.

(6) The prizes will be sent to the winner by mail to the address given. When the prize is handed over to a transport person, the risk passes to the winner. We are not responsible for delivery damage.


(1) By accepting the prize, the winner consents to us displaying his name publicly on this page or on social media after the competition has ended.


(1) A violation of these conditions of participation entitles us to exclude the respective participant from participation. This applies in particular if the participant provides false information.

6. EARLY TERMINATION AND CHANGES We reserve the right to end the competition at any time, even without adhering to deadlines, in whole or in part prematurely or to change its course if it does not for technical (e.g. computer virus, manipulation or errors in software / hardware) or legal reasons it is possible to guarantee that the competition will be carried out correctly.


We are responsible for the collection, processing and use of participants‘ personal data if we process them ourselves. We will only use the personal data of the participant and his other personal data within the framework of the legal provisions of data protection law. We will only save, process and use the information insofar as this is necessary for the implementation of the competition or the participant’s consent. This also includes use to exercise the granted rights of use. The data will only be used to run the competition and will then be deleted.


(1) If the conditions of participation contain ineffective regulations, the effectiveness of the conditions remains unaffected.

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